Services Offered

N5A X-RAYS Full mouth examinations with routine radiographs to evaluate what dental treatment might be necessary and plan for preventative or restorative work. Regular check-ups ensure early detection of problem areas.
 N6A oral  Prevention is better than cure. Preventative dentistry is an important part of oral health and includes routine cleanings, fluoride application and in children, the application of a protective layer protecting the teeth from cavities.
The cleaning of teeth includes the removal of stains, dental plaque and calculus/tartar (those stubborn plaque you can’t remove yourself) that if left untreated, can cause cavities and gum disease.
 Paedodontics is the dental treatment of children. It is never too early or too late to bring your baby (yes baby, even if no teeth are present yet!!) or child to the dentist. The sooner the better. It is important to get use to the dental office (faces, instruments and sounds) before pain occurs to ensure a calm and peaceful visit if and when fillings/extractions are needed.

Preventative treatment in children is of utmost importance. We offer fun visits that includes a polish (cleaning of teeth), fluoride application (to keep the teeth strong) and dental sealants (a protective layer if necessary). We strive to make a dental visit a pleasant and cheerful one.

We offer both In-office bleaching and Home bleaching kits, however a consultation is required to ensure it is the right treatment for you ( not all teeth can be bleached)
 N7B-RESTORATIONS  Restoration/ fillings are mostly placed when you have a cavity or chipped tooth to restore your tooth to its natural shape and to prevent further decay/pain. Restorations can also be placed to close gaps and/or food traps.
 N8A CROWNSN9A CROWNS 2nd  Crowns/caps may be necessary to restore heavily broken/fractured teeth, or can be used to improve the appearance of skew or discoloured teeth. In most cases we advise patients to crown endodonticly treated teeth to ensure a longer lifespan.
Bridges can be used as an alternative to dentures/implants to replace a missing tooth. It involves the crowning of the two teeth next to the missing tooth, with an artificial tooth in the middle.
 N10B-ENDODONTICS  Root canal treatment is necessary when a tooth’s nerve is damaged/died, this can be due to decay or trauma.


The procedure involves the removal of the nerve, removal of all bacteria and infected tooth structure, the placement of a filling where the nerve was. We normally advise that a root canal treated tooth be crowned in order to ensure long term success.

 Extractions/pulling of teeth are done for a variety of reasons. We also do minor surgeries if necessary for severe damaged teeth or wisdom teeth. However if wisdom teeth are in a compromised position (close to important structures) we will refer to a specialist.
A denture is a removable appliance replacing missing teeth. There is a variety available, ranging from a complete set of teeth to one just replacing one tooth. They are also available in plastic, metal or a new flexible type.
 N11A im  Implants are an alternative to bridges/dentures to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. It involves screws being placed in the jaw by a specialist, where after crowns or dentures can be placed on them.

We work together with specialists that place the screws/implants. After healing took place, we will fit a crown/denture onto the implant

 gum  A mouth guard is a protective device mostly used in contact sports to prevent injury to the teeth, lips and gums. What most people don’t realise is that it also prevents concussions!!
 A night guard is mostly given to those who grind their teeth or clench during the night (you might not even be aware of this – does your jaw muscles ache in the morning??). It is a thin guard placed over the teeth to relax the muscles and protect your teeth from wearing down.